Sunday, March 21, 2010

photographer_Filip Dujardin@Chazen Museum of Art, Madison Wisconsin

The Chazen Museum of Art (800 University Ave., Madison Wisconsin) will be featuring photographs of Filip Dujardin's "Imaginary Architecture" March 20 thru May 16. Filip is from Ghent, Belgium and is an architectural photographer. This show features photographs of buildings that are pieced together to form structures that are not possible in the real world of architecture. Its a really cool idea and the photographs are great, well worth checking out in that great little city of Madison, Wisconsin. Chazen Museum HERE. Filip Dujardin's Resampled Space blog HERE.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Still Image with Crash Taylor

Here is a web site set up by photographer Crash Taylor that features an image from different photographers and their story behind the photo. It's interesting and inspiring and the photographers talk about how they made each image, briefly covering what equipment was used, how it was lit and what was done in post processing, it doesn't go into great detail but there is a nice variety of images. Its nice to see what other talent is doing out there and the inspiration level is high. Check it out HERE. Also, this Crash Taylor guy is a really, really good wedding photographer and I would suggest checking out his site HERE.

Photographer_Louis Fabian Bachrach Jr.

This photographer, Louis Bachrach Jr. just passed away and his story is pretty amazing. His family has been photographing portraits for about 140 years through generations of Bachrachs. The family launched its business in a Baltimore studio in the late 1860s, about five years after a publication sent Mr. Bachrach's grandfather, David, to photograph President Abraham Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg Address. They have photographed presidents and celebrities ever since. The first time Louis photographed John F. Kennedy, Louis said in a 1985 interview "I worked like hell for an hour, but I didn't get anything; I bombed out". Great story at HERE. Aso interesting, see Bachrach studio web site for additional portraits HERE.