Friday, October 28, 2011

Gimme Some Water

Photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz made these shots by throwing buckets of water in a controlled manner and using very minimal photoshop too. Good story at Strobist HERE of how he shot it.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Stop Action Test

Here is a test I did the other day of a boot and water splashing on it. I used a black boot on a black background and two lights positioned on each side and to the back of the boot. My flash duration was set to burn at 1/8000 of a second.

Ryan Enn Hughes_Photographer

Photographer Ryan Enn Hughes 360 degree project took 48 interconnected DSLR cameras to produce. Check his videos he produced using this technique and the behind the scenes video showing how he accomplished this task. See full story at PDN HERE. Ryan's web site HERE.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Photographer_Patrick Hall on Wakeboarding in Studio

Great idea, wonderful execution and results. And this guy is a wedding photographer! Watch the video. From Fstoppers HERE. Patrick Hall photography HERE.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Photographer_Don McCullin

"I was sleeping next to bodies and things (in Hue)... and then you say, 'What the hell's this got to do with photography?' 'Who am I?' 'Where the hell have I just been?' 'What's happened to me?'"

110 STORIES_Interesting app for IPhone

Orient your phone towards where the Twin Towers once stood and this free app will draw in the Towers exactly where they would be. Submit the photo and a story about why you felt compelled to take the photo and your submission is published on the 110 Stories web site and added to a global repository of memories and stories. 110 Stories web site HERE.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Photographer_Jake Chessum

Photographer Jake Chessum (his site here) has celebrity photos posted at (HERE) along with personal stories about the photo shoots which I found interesting. I like his story about shooting Alec Baldwin not to mention the great photos he got:
ome quick thinking -- and a fortuitous playdate Chessum had set up for his daughter near the Hamptons location -- helped save a shoot with Alec Baldwin when the actor arrived late, then refused to go sailing as planned: "It's 105 degrees outside. [Baldwin] calls me over: 'Sit down, sit down. Umm,' he said, 'I'm not going out on the boat. It's too hot. It's 20 f---ing minutes to get out, and you have to go 2 f---ing miles an hour. . . . I'm not doing it.' It's like, What do you mean? But you can't argue with him -- he's not going to change his mind. So I'm thinking on my feet and I say, 'Okay, what about we go to my friend's pool?' He looked me up and down -- I'm pretty scruffy -- and he said, 'Your friend doesn't have a f---ing pool.' And I'm like, 'Trust me, my friend has got a pool, and it's about half a mile away from here.' So he kind of looks at me and goes, 'Yeah, all right.'""So I texted my friend, Lisa, and I asked, 'Can I bring Alec Baldwin to your house?' And she texted back: 'The answer would be yes.' We turned up and they had their whole family there because it was their hangout; it was like grandstands on the deck. Alec grabbed my daughter's friend Georgia, stood on a surfboard, and promptly fell in fully clothed in some Ralph Lauren suit. He did sharks and threw them in the air. He did 20-25 minutes, and then he got out, dried off, got in his car, and drove away. "