Monday, March 28, 2011

Portraits of a Protest_Photographer Kevin Miyazaki

Milwaukee photographer Kevin Miyazaki perched himself on the sidewalk outside the Wisconsin state capital building in Madison with a black background to photograph protesters of Wisconsin governor Walker's collective bargaining law. Check out Kevin's site HERE, and while your their make sure you take a look at "Camp Home" in his personal work. It is a documentation of a reuse of buildings from the Tule Lake internment camp where his father's family was incarcerated during World War II.

Portrait Of A Protest: Madison, Wisconsin from Kevin J. Miyazaki on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time Lapse Photography_A Bridge Delivered

I first heard of photographer Steven Mallon after seeing photo's he shot of the "Salvage of Flight 1549" (see HERE). In this time lapse video Mallon shows us the delivery and installation of the new Willis Avenue bridge linking Manhattan and the Bronx. Mallon directed 9 camera operators working from various angles and locations capturing over 30,000 still images to produce this video.

TED Initiatives_Ads Worth Spreading, Ads Worth Spreading is a competition seeking to reverse the trend of online ads being forced on users and instead produce ads so good that you will want to choose to watch them. These ads are longer than your normal 30 second commercial so there is time to make an interaction with the viewer, tell a story, make an authentic human connection. Here is an ad done by Target, it is a live fashion show promoting their brand while engaging viewers in a tangible experience. For more ads and to see all the winners of this competition see HERE.