Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is This Photography, or Not

My friend Jim emailed me with this question,"Hey John, what did you think of this guy's gallery? At what point is it no
longer photography, just computer generated art? I look at this way, it is photography and the computer is one of our tools to use in the process of making images, just as the camera itself is a tool for making images. I have seen this technique before and it is kind of cool when used with the right kind of images. As you can tell from the gallery some images work better than others with this technique. The top two images are from Alexandre Duret-Lutz, a French photographer creating what he calls "wee planets" using a technique of stitching together and bending many photographs of a particular scene, see his gallery HERE. The bottom photo, done by photographer Chris Kling is called a globe, it has some of the same characteristics but is done with photoshop and only one photo, see photographer Chris Kling blog HERE. See the technique for the single image version in photoshop HERE and try it yourself.

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