Thursday, April 16, 2009

Photographer_Robert Adams Wins Hasselblad Award

U.S. photographer Robert Adams, who is known for documenting human impact on the American West, has won the Hasselblad Award."Robert Adams is one of the most important and influential photographers of the last 40 years," the jury said in its citation."Precise and undramatic, Adams's accumulative vision of the West now stands as a formidable document, reflecting broader, global concerns about the environment, while consistently recognizing signs of human aspiration and elements of hope across a particular changing landscape," the jury said.He was particularly interested in how human activity, including agriculture and building, had transformed the West as documented by earlier photographers such as Timothy O'Sullivan and William Henry Jackson.In his images of main streets, tract houses, trees, and waterways, Adams records two kinds of landscapes, one damaged by people and the other somehow beyond their power to harm. He asks us, through his photographs, to consider where we live and how we relate to our environment. Learn more about this photographer HERE.

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