Sunday, January 17, 2010

Who Needs A Camera

CGI... Computer generated imaging. The movie Avatar has taken cgi to new heights, computer imaging is going nuclear and you will be seeing more of it even if your not aware of it. Take this video for example, it was produced by a guy in Spain on a single PC. All of it is computer generated. What else is amazing about this, well here is a quote from A PHOTO EDITOR, "We’ve all seen a lot of CGI over the years, but it’s usually just a bit off, or just too slick and most of it is really expensive, and requires a team of people to make it look right. But this is different — this is one guy and a PC. Low budget. And he’s not a photographer by training either. Photographers, especially ad shooters, are freaking out about this. (Read HERE) The video below includes composite breakdowns of the imaging process. To see the full video done by Alex Roman go HERE.

Compositing Breakdown (T&S) from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

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