Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Photographer_Jake Chessum

Photographer Jake Chessum (his site here) has celebrity photos posted at Life.com (HERE) along with personal stories about the photo shoots which I found interesting. I like his story about shooting Alec Baldwin not to mention the great photos he got:
ome quick thinking -- and a fortuitous playdate Chessum had set up for his daughter near the Hamptons location -- helped save a shoot with Alec Baldwin when the actor arrived late, then refused to go sailing as planned: "It's 105 degrees outside. [Baldwin] calls me over: 'Sit down, sit down. Umm,' he said, 'I'm not going out on the boat. It's too hot. It's 20 f---ing minutes to get out, and you have to go 2 f---ing miles an hour. . . . I'm not doing it.' It's like, What do you mean? But you can't argue with him -- he's not going to change his mind. So I'm thinking on my feet and I say, 'Okay, what about we go to my friend's pool?' He looked me up and down -- I'm pretty scruffy -- and he said, 'Your friend doesn't have a f---ing pool.' And I'm like, 'Trust me, my friend has got a pool, and it's about half a mile away from here.' So he kind of looks at me and goes, 'Yeah, all right.'""So I texted my friend, Lisa, and I asked, 'Can I bring Alec Baldwin to your house?' And she texted back: 'The answer would be yes.' We turned up and they had their whole family there because it was their hangout; it was like grandstands on the deck. Alec grabbed my daughter's friend Georgia, stood on a surfboard, and promptly fell in fully clothed in some Ralph Lauren suit. He did sharks and threw them in the air. He did 20-25 minutes, and then he got out, dried off, got in his car, and drove away. "

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