Friday, January 2, 2009

Genius of Photography

Excellent 6 part series produced by the BBC is a must watch for anyone seriously interested in photography. This series has been conveniently posted on You Tube in 10 minute installments. Start with,
ep1: Fixing the Shadows_
ep1 pt1
ep1 pt2
ep1 pt3
ep1 pt4
ep1 pt5
ep1 pt6

ep2: Documents for Artists_
ep2 pt1
ep2 pt2
ep2 pt3
ep2 pt4
ep2 pt5
ep2 pt6
ep2 pt7

ep3: Right time, Right Place_
ep3 pt1
ep3 pt2
ep3 pt3
ep3 pt4
ep3 pt5
ep3 pt6

ep4: Paper Movies_
ep4 pt1
ep4 pt2
ep4 pt3
ep4 pt4
ep4 pt5
ep4 pt6

ep5: We are Family_
ep5 pt1
ep5 pt2
ep5 pt3
ep5 pt4
ep5 pt5
ep5 pt6

ep6: Snap Judgements_
ep6 pt1
ep6 pt2
ep6 pt3
ep6 pt4
ep6 pt5
ep6 pt6

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