Thursday, January 15, 2009

L.L. Bean's Search for Authenticity

This interview came to my attention through an e-mail from a friend, and since I am in the catalog/ advertising industry I thought it interesting. I understand the amount of people and planning a catalog needs to be successful You can view the interview at PDN. (Photo District News, Here).The 100-person-strong creative team is responsible for the images
in those ubiquitous L.L.Bean catalogues and on, as well as in
online ads.Marcia Minter, vice president and creative director, says the creative team
produces a whopping 62 catalogues each year, covering seven business groups:
fashion (men's and women's apparel and accessories); kids; outdoor gear;
hunting and fishing; home; travel (though this group is being discontinued);
and direct to business. An art director is assigned to each group (with some
overlap), and each group has its own creative direction and photographic
approach. They hire freelance shooters comfortable in each area, relying on
a total of 10 to 12 core photographers and rotating three to four new ones
each year to mix things up.Minter says the creative team strives to "create an emotional connection
through the authenticity of the photography," and she uses the word
"authentic" often when describing the brand's overall approach.You can view the interview at PDN. (Photo District News, Here)

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