Sunday, January 11, 2009

Things I Like...More Miniatures, and A Photo Appears

I was in Prairie Du Chien, Wi. and drove across the beautiful Mississippi River to Marquette, IA. and took this photo. I had in mind at the time to try it out on the TiltShiftmaker web site. I think it is a better subject for this effect because of the higher angle that I was able to shoot at and the nice little town atmosphere. If you look at examples of this technique,the images taken at higher angles work better because if you are looking at say, a train layout with model buildings your perspective is usually from a high angle looking down, you are not inside the model looking up or out. Another reason I like this site is that I do not always have enough time to experiment with photoshop as I would like, so when I find an easy way of doing something in photoshop I'll try it. Another thing I like is when I see an image and it is lit by the sunlight coming through my window and I think, hey, here is an image that I like and it is already lit for me from the sunlight coming through my window. I like it even more when I think, I should grab my camera, and the light is still there after I grab my camera. It's nice when things work out when you plan, it's nice when things work out when you don't plan.

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