Thursday, January 15, 2009

State of Economy and Advertising…Just My Opinion

I like to keep the Creative Punch Bowl just that, creative, but I have been in the catalog/advertising business as a photographer for over 25 years and I think that alone qualifies me to assess the current business climate as I see it. Good luck to the youngsters just getting into this business as it is going to be a tough haul. But I have to say, this economy is a blessing to the true professionals who deserve to prevail in this tight economy. The reason is simple; companies need great advertising and photography now more than ever to sell their products. I have been in a position to see young people just out of school and folks with little experience and become “ art directors, creative directors, photographers, etc.”. This is a great thing to have happen to someone with limited experience…except one thing, it happened as a result of greediness on the part of big companies. These folks with limited experience were hired for a lot less money than a true professional and it has happened way too many times. They are eager and willing to try to accomplish whatever the “boss” wants, a true “yes” person. But they don’t have the experience, and the company is not paying them for experience, they just talk a good talk. So, the company gets a great deal…or do they. If they are unable to put together a layout or photography or an ad campaign that sells, is it such a deal. Well now, here comes economic hard times and these companies are looking and telling their employees why sales are down. I’ve heard all the bullcrap, but what I have not heard is these companies and their middle and high management take responsibility for slipping sales. You know it’s always something. How about hiring people for their experience and creativity and reaping the benefits of increased sales. Yes, these economic times are tough, and companies need more than ever a good advertising strategy and photography to sell their merchandise, it’s more important than ever. This is good news to true hardworking folks in this business, your skills are needed more now than ever before.

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